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Avoid These Mistakes

Enterprising People

What makes one enterprising person successful in making their idea a reality while others fall by the wayside? Chances are they're not making one (or all three) of these mistakes.

  1. Marketing their business is not a priority: This is probably the biggest reason why businesses fail or either get sucked into a stressful feast-or-famine model (either too many or too few clients). They don't make marketing their business a priority. If you want to have a full pipeline of clients at all times then it's crucial you make marketing a priority. So what do I mean exactly by marketing your business? Basically two things you have one or more ways to bring new leads in the door and you have one or more ways to turn those leads into clients. 
  2. They don't take action (or they don't take action fast enough): It's not enough just to take action. You need to take the RIGHT action at the RIGHT time in the RIGHT order. So how do you know if you're doing that or not? Well, one way to do that is to educate yourself about marketing and business-building. Or an easier (and faster) way is to find yourself a business/marketing coach or mentor who can quickly assess your situation and help you develop a plan of action. (Of course, once you have that, then you need to make sure you actually implement that plan.)
  3. They give up too soon: Enterprising people with no or little business experience tend to create a story around their failures that are simply not true. They'll instead think there's a problem with the product or the industry or themselves or something else. The reality could be they didn't work at their idea long enough or didn't take enough action or skipped a couple of steps or a myriad other easily preventable mistakes. Before you throw in the towel on something, stop and ask for some help. Find out if success is just a few tweaks away or you really do need to do something more drastic.

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