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10 Ways To Help You Communicate Better

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  • Communication only works when something changes: Make sure that you always have an objective, a reason why you're communicating. Remember communication is a two-way street, its not just about you sending, it's about making certain your audience receives and understands.
  1. If it really matters, do it face to face: I love email and social media, but if its really important, don't use impersonal means of communication. You can't read body language (and we all can) if there's no-one there!
  2. Listen, before you think, before you speak: Communicating is not about broadcasting your idea without understanding where your audience is coming from.  Before thinking about what you want to say, you must find a way to know your audience, what they're interested in. The environment in which the communication is to take place is also important, so check out the venue and the technology in advance.
  3. Tell it like it is, keep it simple: KISS - KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID! The more complex you make your message, the fewer the number of your audience will get it! Complicated messages, full of expert jargon and impenetrable acronyms, are going to turn your audience off, unless they're just like you!
  4. If you really believe it, show it: There's nothing so persuasive as passion, so if you feel strongly about your idea, find a way of putting that passion across to your audience. Again simplicity is key to unlocking the passion within.
  5. Headlines first, then the whole story: The best rule of this I've ever heard is tell them what you're going to tell them, tell them and then tell them what you told them, then check they understood.
  6. Consistency is the clearest message: Remember the KISS principle and the tell them three times and check rule and you won't go far wrong. Complicate your message and you'll struggle with clarity. If you're delivering your idea more than once, have some notes that cover the major points you want to get across. DON'T write the whole speech down, there be dragons!
  7. Involvement is the best persuader: If you're audience isn't talking to you, or asking questions, how will you know if you're getting your idea across. Leave space for questions, or ask questions of the audience yourself to check their understanding.
  8. Encourage feedback and act on it: This is the result of involving the audience, you learn how to improve your message and the way in which you deliver it. You might even improve your idea!
  9. Little and often is better than long and loud: More simplicity - don't try and comminicate too many ideas at once. The best feedback is always an invitation to come back again...

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